Union Nightclub

Union Nightclub

Venue Info

Located right on the border of Koreatown in the upcoming neighborhood of Arlington Heights, UNION is redefining the Los Angeles nightclub experience. Built in the wake of the historical Jewel’s Catch One’s closure, UNION brings a world-class lineup that prizes quality and diversity, hosting everything from local juggernauts A Club Called Rhonda to Boiler Room to Soulja Boy to Die Antwoord. With 5 rooms, affordable drinks and a welcoming staff, UNION is already upping the ante for L.A. nightlife. 


4067 W Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles CA, 90019





Mondo Hollywood FAQ's

  • The age limit for Mondo Hollywood weekend is 18 and over
  • Doors will open at 6pm
  • Tickets are available through www.Eventbrite.com
  • There are four pay parking lots close to the venue
  • There are no ins and outs
  • There is food at the venue 
  • There are restaurants and food trucks close to the venue
  • No backpacks are allowed inside the venue